Carolyn Klinger

Dr. Faria is the most caring doctor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When I first started seeing her in 2016, I had a complex health problem that all of the other doctors I had seen could not improve. My health baffled them and me. Dr. Faria immediately impressed me with her combination of intuitive and Western medical approaches, and with her help and my trust in her, I am now well. She is unlike any other doctor I’ve ever known and far more successful than the ones I have known with her unique approach to health. Far from a symptom chaser, Dr. Faria gets to the root of a problem in a steady, logical way, focusing always on lifestyle contributions to any health challenge, and often uncovering their unexpected causes. If you are willing to be a partner in your own wellness, and open-minded as to the path to get there, you can do no better than Dr. Duyen Faria.