I have been reflecting on my blessings for the past six months, among many others I have had, the one I want to share, is my wellbeing lately. I give 100% credit to Dr. Faria.

The care she has provided me for the past several months has taken my health and wellbeing to the next level.

I have been on some supplements and vitamins before, but after she took care of my hormonal imbalances, WOW! It was a life changing experience.

My memory, level of energy, hair growth and even vision and Sex Drive are improving significantly.

I want to express how genuinely grateful I am, and I can cite my experience with Dr. Faria at DNA and associates as among my blessings!

She is always available and easy to be reached.

I feel welcomed and comfortable knowing she has the right training and competency to take care of me as a whole.

Dr. Duyen Faria inspires me by her passion for the wellbeing of men and women by Hormonal Replacement and IV Vitamins/minerals, and by her wealth of knowledge/professionalism.

I give kudos and the highest recommendation to Dr. Faria and everyone at DNA!

She is a great asset for our community.

With lots of Gratitude!