I met Dr Faria in 2017 when, after a serious fight with an auto-immune disease, I had a terrible outbreak of cystic acne over my face and neck. It was hard enough to get up every morning after a restless night’s sleep, due to the deep and throbbing pain of the cystic acne. But to have to go outside and see a new physician for this issue was unbelievably humbling. When I first saw Dr Faria, I was in tears. However, Dr Faria saw that there were deeper issues than just the cystic acne going on; she has an amazing way of knowing how to treat the deeper root issue of any symptom. It took several very difficult months and a variety of medications, supplements, and very dedicated dieting/cleansing, but the pictures speak a thousand words. I went from being covered in cystic acne to having clear, beautiful skin. Also, with Dr Faria’s help, we diagnosed several deeper issues including PCOS and the MTHFR gene mutation, that gave us excellent insight into how to keep our success a consistent and long lasting success.

Dr Faria is unbelievably smart and always incredibly helpful. I consider her a friend and I trust her completely. I’m honored and grateful to have met her. We, as her patients, are all incredibly lucky to have found her!